Don’t Love A Sad Girl


She is not like most girls.

She doesn’t have everything together. She falls apart for no reason and you’re not going to know what to do with her pieces.

She will drain the hell out of you with her whining and you won’t know what to say to her because nothing makes her feel better anymore. She will question your love for her because she is too broken for anyone to love.

She will be a lot to handle. She will be too much.

Do not love a sad girl if you’re just going to leave her.

She’s been through so much hurt, she doesn’t need more of those. She will shatter. She will put up walls higher than before. She will let her insecurities destroy her. She will feel like she’s not worthy, that she is never enough.

She will feel like she’s impossible to love.

Do not make her feel special. Do not try to get to know her. You will see her darkest thoughts, her darkest fears and you will be scared. You will realize you don’t want to be with her. You will realize she’s not the one for you.

A sad girl deserves a love that is sure. A love that will fight for her. A love that will accept her for all that she is and for all that she isn’t. A love that will not try to change her just to fit his world. A love that will make her fall in love with herself.