Don’t Put Your Trust In A Man Unless He Puts His Trust In God


For all of you are who are single, engaged, dating, or even considering dating, I have one question for you: What does your ideal soul mate look like?

  1. Tall?
  2. Funny?
  3. Handsome?
  4. Motivated?
  5. Athletic?
  6. Faithful?
  7. Strong?
  8. Smart?
  9. Driven?
  10. Humble?

All these searchable qualities are great, but when it really comes down to it, will any of these qualities withstand the length of time? Will any of these qualities give your relationship depth or meaning? And will any of these qualities help you build a foundation that can withstand through all?

I really want you to stop and think about your life. I want you to think about your future. I want you to think about your heart. In all honesty, this will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your entire life.

I am not saying I have all the answers, but as your brother in Christ I feel it’s my duty to look out for you. You are all beautiful in unique ways, and I would not be able to call myself a a true follower of Christ if I did not take the time to keep you accountable.

Here are a few things to write down:

  1. You can’t put your trust in a man until he can first put his trust in God.
  2. A real man opens more than the door; He opens his bible.
  3. A real man will lead you closer to God than he will to himself.

When it comes down to it, you are a daughter of God, and to be treated any other way is NOT what God intended for you.

The last time I checked, you weren’t just an interest of the King, but a Princess of the King. You deserve a prince.

Keep your eyes on HIM.