Don’t Romanticize Heartbreak


“Don’t romanticize heartbreak”, I say. Heartbreak is something hollow carved inside your chest, a cold sensation over your body, a numbness of your senses at first followed by a heart-rendering pain.

“Don’t romanticize heartbreak”, I say. Heartbreak rip through your soul damages your mind and puts an end to your trusting abilities.

“Don’t romanticize heartbreak”, I say. Sweet memories turn bitter and the reminiscence ends up in tears. Heartbreak wakes you up at night, makes you gulp down water to stop the voluptuous crying.

“Don’t romanticize heartbreak”, I say. For heartbreak turns you into a cold monster. Heartbreak causes you wreathe in pain.

Heartbreak is yearning, heartbreak is desire, heartbreak is impossibly difficult.

Heartbreak is feeling the ground move away from your feet. Heartbreak rips you apart. Insomnia doesn’t let you sleep. Heartbreak doesn’t let you breathe. Heartbreak is permanent. You will never get over your first heartbreak. No matter how many years pass by.

The smile that would brighten up your day would be the reason you got up in the morning. Remember how you felt when he rejected you?

Oh, don’t deny it. You distinctly recall. You recall the look on his face, his bespectacled intelligent eyes, his surprised look. However, you don’t recall feeling a single thing apart from sorrow, abyss, emptiness. Truly, it took you years to get over him.

You wouldn’t want him back but you would want to travel back and love him.

That’s what we do.

Don’t romanticize heartbreak, for it kills you like a slow poison.