Don’t Settle For Someone Who Says You’re Their ‘Other Half’


“Women fall in love with their ears, and men with their eyes.”

This is what’s written in a book I encountered a few days ago. But isn’t it true?

Those sweet lines we hear in the movies we watch, they send knots in our stomach. They make the blood rise to our cheeks. They pull up the corners of our lips. They give us the good kind of shivers. They make us think of a person.

“For me, you shine brighter than the sun.”

“I always drown in the blue of your eyes.”

Aren’t they flattering? Don’t you also want to hear them being said to you?

“I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“I finally found you.”

What a beautiful feeling indeed being told you are someone’s The One.

“You complete me.”

How about this moment when someone makes you feel appreciated and wanted? It pulls on the strings of your heart. It makes you want to dance around, knowing that you are someone’s ‘other half’.

Beloved woman, you do not deserve this person who only felt whole when they met you.

Do not settle for someone who tells you that you are his everything. You do not need to be this girl. You should not be. It’s not your job to be the one to give all that he does not have. You are not a God, dear; rather, you are the Lord’s daughter.

You deserve a man who makes the Lord his everything, so that he can draw from Him what he intends to give to you. He will not expect that you will be able to give him anything he wants because he knows you can’t, and he is not a selfish receiver. A man like this one accepts you have flaws, and that there would be times when you will be hard to handle, but will still love you because you are you—that you are not perfect, and that you are not and cannot give everything.

You deserve a man who makes God his everything, because a man like this knows that both of you has your own life. He will not be clinging to you every second of the day, because he values you and your personal space and time. He is not possessive, but will let you soar high, and will be there at the end of the day when your wings get tired.

A man who has Jesus as his everything is happy being single, but will still pursue you because he heard God’s calling to love you.

Do not settle for someone who tells you that you fill all the gaps in their life. You are not a puzzle piece, but a woman. You were not made just to be rock that would fill the hole in the wall. You are not just one of the jewelries in the box, but you are the whole treasure.

You deserve a man who has their eyes on the Lord’s blessings, rather than on the things that he does not have. This man always does his best for the Lord, but is also contented when He says “no”, because he knows that that is not rejection, but redirection.

You deserve a man who does not depend on you to make up for the things which are missing, because they know that that is not your job, but it is a journey they have to go with God before they could commit to you.

You deserve a man who does not need you to fill his life, but someone who allowed God to fulfill his life that he intends to share with you.

Do not settle for someone who tells you that you are their strength. You may be a strong woman, but dear, in a relationship, there would be vulnerable days. In those days, you need to draw strength rather than have your strength being sucked more out of you.

You deserve someone like you who gets their strength from God. This kind of person trusts in Philippians 4:13. He is faithful, and always believes that you can get through and takes action, rather than just sulk in the problem.

You deserve someone who is brave and will face the storms with you. This is the kind of man who, in the middle of the lightning and thunders, will still be able to remind you that you have him and God who loves you.

You deserve someone who does not need you for them to be strong, but someone who depends on God for strength, because they intend to join the battle; rather than let you fight alone.

Do not settle for someone who tells you that you are their other half.

You do not need to fit yourself in a space that can only accommodate a portion of yourself. You were not made whole just for this kind of guy.

You deserve someone who, despite their flaws, is whole. His heart may have been cracked or broken due to his difficult journeys, but this kind of man has all the pieces of his heart held together by Jesus.

You deserve someone who thinks of you not as his possession, but as another person God gave him as a partner. He will trust and admire your individuality and independence, rather than be insecure about it. He will team up with you in your small and great adventures with the Lord. He knows what you deserve, because he, himself, knows what it’s like to receive His vast and unconditional love.

You deserve someone who allowed himself to find wholeness in God, because he intends to give you not a half-hearted kind of love.

So dear, do not settle.

Pray for someone who knows your worth. Pray for this God-given person and start listening. Start listening with your heart and not just with your ears, because that is how you may be able to hear more clearly the voice of the Lord. His words are real, and his promises are true.

Do not settle for less, because you were made for and deserve everything and so much more.