Don’t Take Her For Granted, Open Up Your Eyes And Notice Her


If he just opens his eyes, he would have noticed her.

But he didn’t.

He never really has opened his eyes to see what is in front of him. He has never noticed the disappointment when he didn’t look her in the eyes when she was talking. It goes the same when she was glowing from within when she was telling something funny to make him smile. He never really looked her in the eyes. Those same eyes that said everything about how she feels.

He didn’t want to face the fact that he was taking her for granted. Spoken words can mean so much, but a knife cuts on two sides. Maybe those words were sincerely spoken from his heart but without action to give those words its meaning, it will just some empty words in the end. Just words echoing in her ears which slowly make her feel hopeless and insecure about herself. She didn’t want to give up something she knew had great potential and had the chance to thrive into something even better.

She never wanted to give up because she never even has considered it as an option. But lately, giving up is all she is heading to, even though she tried hard to withhold herself from even thinking about it.

Her nights became more restless and tears were more insight than her smiles. He had no clue until she mentioned it to him Promises were made and she would feel reassured for a couple of days before her flood of tears came to visit her again during nights. It was tiring, exhausting to a point where she would stare blankly at the ceiling, wondering how this all could have happened.

She traced back the footsteps in their relationship and in doing so, she tried to find out what exactly went wrong.

What could have gone wrong? What could possibly have gone wrong?

We say life has its ups and downs, just like relationships have theirs. In order to live, we simply have to be alive.

So, what makes a relationship work in the very first place then? Same thing.

It needs to be alive.

Without it, there are no ups and downs. Like a line going perfectly straight from A to B. When the heart rate monitor shows a straight line, it means it has no progression whatsoever. Without progression in a relationship, it will slowly get rusty and loses its strength until there are no signs of life anymore. Be it in the form of excessive comfort with each other which can lead to taking granted of. It’s barely alive, just hanging on a thin thread, dangling between a better future or a painful farewell.

If he just opens his eyes, he would have noticed her.