Don’t Tell Me To Be Realistic


Don’t tell me to play it safe. Tell me to dare, to dream bigger, to take risks, to break some rules, to take new roads and tell me to fly.

Don’t tell me the love I’m looking for does not exist. Tell me it’s possible, tell me that the one is out there waiting to fall in love with me, tell me that it will be everything I imagined it would be, if not better, and don’t tell me to settle because I’m a hopeless romantic, tell me there are more hopeless romantics out there waiting to find me.

Don’t tell me to be quiet. Tell me to speak up and raise my voice, tell me to defend myself and my rights, tell me to stand up for those who belittle me, tell me to use my voice instead of silencing it. Don’t tell me to keep my words to myself, tell me to say everything before it’s too late and tell me to always let people know what they mean to me.

Don’t tell me to stay in one place. Tell me travel, tell me to roam the world, tell me to try different things until I find what makes me happy – until I find myself and tell me to leave when I feel like I don’t belong, tell me to go when it’s time for me to go.

Don’t tell me my dreams are stupid. Tell me they’re different, they’re unique, they could make a difference and they could certainly come true. Tell me that everyone is born to be someone or do something extraordinary and tell me that people are destined for greatness.

Don’t tell me to give up. Tell me to keep on fighting, tell me to keep on learning, tell me to keep on trying and failing and trying again and tell me to get back up when I fall down because that is how people get to to the top.

Don’t tell me not to be friends with someone. Tell me to meet new people, to get to know them, to learn from them, to listen to their stories, to get inspired by their lives and tell me to see the best in people; the things they fail to see in themselves. Tell me that everyone I meet is meant to be in my life to teach me something – tell me to take the lessons and learn.

Don’t tell me to follow my mind instead of my heart. Tell me to listen to them, tell me to understand them, tell me that sometimes you need your heart and sometimes you need your mind and sometimes both can be wrong, but don’t tell me to follow one and ignore the other, don’t tell me to ignore the most important parts of me, tell me to think, tell me to feel, tell me to lose my mind sometimes and tell me to love recklessly from time to time.

Don’t tell me to live a mediocre life. Tell me to live a beautiful life, tell me to live a full life, full of mistakes, lessons, adventures, change and wonder. Tell me to live an authentic life, a life that makes sense to me and tell me to create the life I want not the life that others want for me, tell me to find my own path instead of following someone else’s and tell me to live like a dreamer — tell me to always keep dreaming.