Don’t Tell Me You Love Me Unless You Actually Mean It


The word “love” has lost its intensity. It’s tossed around every single day like it is empty of meaning.

Don’t be one of those people who belittle the word. Don’t say it when you aren’t ready. Don’t say it when you feel obliged to. Don’t say it because you want that person to forgive you. Don’t say it because you want to ask for favors. Don’t say it because you’re settling for something you think you deserve.

Say it because you’re ready. Say it because seeing the smile on her face the moment you utter those three simple words makes your heart flutter. Say it because your love for her is a hurricane that can’t be contained inside of you any longer.

Say it when she’s brushing her teeth and you realize you’re home. Whisper it in her ear at midnight when she tells you you’re her whole goddamn sky. Blurt it out when she suddenly gets awkward and shy and you realize she’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.

Scream it when you’re drowning in darkness, remembering how the feeling of love sparks a light inside of you. Shout it to the world when you realize how lucky you are to have the best kind of love there is.

Say it because you mean it. And only when you mean it.

Put meaning into a word once lost, and it will make all the difference.