Don’t Wait Any Longer To Live Your Life Fearlessly


I haven’t always been a fearless person. Growing up, I was an extremely shy, sweet, relatively naïve little blonde girl who wanted to do everything, but was bit too scared to do anything that might involve a tumble.

I was the child who would look up at a tree and think, “Wow… I bet the world looks so cool from up there,” and move onto doing something safe; the one who took the tiny risks which would never fail. I never broke an arm, and I never fell from anything other than my own clumsiness.

Fast-forward to this weekend: I jumped out of an airplane…. and I’m going to do it again.

When I left my last relationship a little over half a year ago, I didn’t recognize myself. My confidence was small and I had no plan or real direction for my life. Up until that point, I was going with the flow—taking those small calculated risks I knew would pay off. I knew I wanted to be a writer; However, more than that: I wanted to share a life with someone else so badly that I was content with letting my success be second alongside the path of anyone else’s.

I was content to help people find their own path—living vicariously through their achievements,and waiting for them to help me with mine when the time came.

Then, four months ago, it struck me:

An incredible amount of my time the past few years has been spent waiting for someone else; planning and saving experiences to share with someone special. Much of my life up to this point, I have been living in a state of “I’ll do this when…”.

There is so much to learn and to experience—so many things I want to do and to achieve within my lifetime, that if I spend it waiting around for someone else: I will never be able to say, “I did this.” I will live in a perpetual state of “What If”.

“What If” isn’t living.

I decided to change. I decided to start making my own path instead of following the one easily laid out before me.

I decided to live my life the way I want to now, instead of waiting for a more convenient time.

So, I jumped out of a plane. I started rock climbing, and learning piano, and teaching myself yoga, and finishing my novel. I stopped waiting to start doing the things that excite me.

And do you know what happened? My life went from dismal and dull to absolutely extraordinary.

When you can do these things alone, without waiting, and without hesitation—everything changes. My perspective on life and on success is completely different than it was a year ago.

If you really want to do something: Don’t wait. Don’t give yourself a chance to second-guess yourself. Do whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do.

Live fearlessly and your entire life will change.