Don’t Wait Around For Someone Who Is Willing To Love You, Get There First


Love yourself like a mother loves her newborn.

Love yourself when you’re the loneliest you’ve ever been. You might be your own worst enemy, but you can also be the closest friend you have. Make that choice.

Look at yourself naked in the mirror and realize our bodies are just vessels and we need to love them regardless of what society has taught us.

Sleep with someone because you want to and not because you want them to like you.

If you’ve had your heart broken, be the one to pick up the pieces. Prove to yourself how strong you can be. Don’t put up walls so you don’t get hurt again. Let people in. It might end in tears but you won’t know until you’ve put your heart on your sleeve.

Look at your scars and remind yourself how beautiful our flaws are, you don’t judge tigers for having stripes, nor cheetahs for having spots.

Write your mother a letter about how much you’re grateful for her. Call your best friend and make sure they’re doing okay. Watch videos of kittens on youtube for hours on end. Marathon your favorite television shows, and read that book you’ve been meaning to get round to.

Sleep with people because you want to, not because you want them to like you.

Tell boys your secrets and kiss girls in the moonlight. Talk to people. You don’t have to know them, but it’s important to remind ourselves how much of a difference a few words can be. Smile. Not for other people but yourself. Smile when you are sad. Cry when you are happy. Laugh until it feels like your guts are going to fall out. Watch crappy films and stay in bed until late afternoon. Put make up on to make yourself feel pretty, not to feel accepted by others.

Embrace the earth. Watch the birds fly above the shore, feel sand between your toes, and hear the excitement of the forest. This earth is precious, and so is your time on it.

Don’t wait around until somebody is willing to love you. Get in there first, and discover how great it is to hang out with yourself. 

You are so freaking beautiful, don’t let the world convince you otherwise.