Don’t Waste Time Feeling Sorry For Yourself


When something bad happens to you, you are allowed to bawl into your pillowcase. You are allowed to lock yourself in your room for the weekend. You are allowed to ignore texts and calls. You are allowed to feel sorry for yourself.

But there is a time limit — not on your pain — but on how long you allow that pain to keep you down.

The more time you spend replaying the past and wishing you would have done things differently, the less time you have to work toward a better future. Yesterday is over. You cannot reverse your mistakes. You can only prevent yourself from making those same mistakes in the future.

It doesn’t matter if you feel like a failure right now because today is only temporary. You could feel completely different tomorrow. The future is entirely up to you. You are in control of your destiny.

Instead of rereading texts from your ex to see where the relationship went wrong, keep your heart open for a new love story.

Instead of complaining about how many days you have skipped the gym in a row, get up and drive there right this minute.

Instead of thinking about how mad your parents are going to be about you failing a test, start studying for the next one so you never have to deal with the problem again.

Instead of hating yourself for procrastinating, do the thing you wish you would have started earlier.

Complaining is the easiest thing to do — but taking action is the right thing to do. It will help you reach milestones.

Don’t waste too much time feeling sorry for yourself. Bad things happen to every single person on this planet. You cannot let your bad days turn into bad weeks and bad years. You have to end the trend by putting effort into the things that matter the most to you.

If you are upset about a fight you had with a loved one, reach out to them and apologize. If you are upset over your relationship status, make the first move on the person you have been eying. If you want something, chase after it instead of thinking about how you wish you already had it.

You are not going to get anywhere without putting in the effort. All of your negativity is holding you back. You cannot let the nasty voice in the back of your head convince you to give up on yourself. You have to train yourself to ignore the pessimism. If that is impossible, then only give yourself a limited amount of time to worry about the worst case scenario, take a few breaths, and purge it from your brain.

The moment you stop kicking yourself over what you did and did not do in the past, you are going to find the strength to move forward into a brighter future.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Treat yourself. Love yourself. Put your plans into action so you can be proud of yourself.