Don’t Waste Your Tears On A Boy Who Isn’t Sorry For Making You Cry


He’s a piece of shit.

And shit is something to throw away.

Do not feel any regret in losing him because he clearly doesn’t deserve you. What kind of man distances himself when you start to cry out of the frustration from not being able to communicate with him? What kind of man shuts you off when you start to notice the changes? What kind of man makes you feel that it is your fault for having feelings?

Look how selfish he is.

In case you forgot, and I’ll tell you again, he’s a piece of shit. And you must leave him. Leave him no matter how captivating his smile is. Leave him no matter how good he smells. Because love is not about a beautiful facade. Love often comes as a plain wall with barbed wires that protects a garden inside.

Turn those tears to sweat instead. Sweat from the fitness routine you are finally committing to. Sweat on a tropical vacation you owed yourself a long time ago. Sweat from the hard work you are going to exert in your career. Don’t wet your eyes but wet the soil of your dreams and watch yourself grow and flourish with no fears. Your heart is a garden, darling. Don’t let the weeds get to you.

Don’t waste your tears for a boy who doesn’t feel sorry for making you cry because boys like these are the kind of boys who make your soul die.