Drunk Text Messages I Sent To You, That You Never Deserved


“Last night was nice, and so was this morning”

“I never thought I would spend two nights in a row with someone on my first weekend of college”

“I’m stumbling around downtown missing you”

“I shouldn’t like you the way I like you”

“I’m drunk and I am laying in bed next to someone who is not you and I hate myself”

“He didn’t mean anything”

“I’m at a party and I’m sad and I want to go home. The only person I want is you and you’re not here and you’re not talking to me anymore and I am beginning to hate myself”

“He can’t touch me the way you touch me”

“Please answer”

“I hurt people like you because I don’t know how else to treat people I care about”

“I’m going crazy again”

“I hate it here without you”

“I miss you and I haven’t stopped thinking about you and wondering if you’re doing ok”

“Your hands on me this morning changed everything”

“I’m happy you stuck around”

“I left last night because while you were laying next to me I couldn’t stop crying”

“You don’t want me”

“I hate sleeping alone”

“The only person I want to be with all the time is you and I hate it”

“I don’t know how to feel or act”

“I fucking miss you and your touch and everything about you”

“It’s 2 am and I think I care too much about you to come to your house tonight”