During Times Of Tragedy, The One Thing We Can Always Do Is Promote Kindness


I am a firm believer in the power of a new day. In waking up and feeling refreshed, in starting over and focusing on the good. But lately I feel like that’s becoming increasingly harder to do. Because everyday I wake up to our world, our people, raging war against each other.

Rather then coming together we’re rapidly separating and some days I feel my belief in the power of the kindness of humanity is waning.

I know that it shouldn’t, because for every bad thing that happens there are a million and one people who step up and show just how strong kindness can be. They work together to build everyone back up and my hope is restored, even if only temporarily.

I find myself searching for a solution to the problems we’re facing today. That’s the kind of person I am, a “fix-it” person. I’ve been that way since I was little, always hating to see someone hurt or upset and always trying to find a way to solve everyone’s problems. But at this point, I don’t see any one clear way to fix the problems that we’re facing in our society today.

That’s frustrating, and it hurts.

In the not so far off future my husband and I will begin expanding our little family. We will make the decision to bring children into this world. And we will do so with the hopes of raising them to be kind, and gentle, and smart and passionate people. And we can only hope that they will grow up in a society that nourishes and supports them.

I don’t see any one solution to our current problems, but I do see many small solutions and it starts with each of us.

For every negative thing we face we have to work that much harder to be positive. We have to counteract the bad with the good. We have to stand together in a world that is dangerously tearing itself apart.

“We have to astonish the world with our acts of kindness.” 


When bad things continue to happen, which they will, we have to keep pushing back with the good and always work that much harder to prove that it’s still there. Because it is, in each of us.

It may start with the smallest of things, or it could be big and pronounced and acknowledged. Either way, do something kind. Make it important to you, or to someone else. Prove to yourself and to others that there is good in this world, because I truly believe that there is.

My heart goes out to every single individual affected by all of the tragedies that have taken place recently. I hope that if you’re looking for understanding that you’re being welcomed in by all of the kindest and wonderful people, because you deserve to know that there is good in a time when it may feel a little lost.

Please, be kind.