Embracing Your Passion Is The Key To Discovering Your Purpose


“You don’t find your passion, your passion has already found you — you just need to look inward to discover it.”

Our passions are those things that interest us and make our souls come alive when we take a risk and leap — with no other foreseeable landing or outcome in sight other than the enjoyment we get when we do what we love.

Sadly, most people give up the one thing that makes them come alive because of what others may think or out of the fear of not being able to support themselves while doing what they love — yet their passions are tied directly to who they are.

Embracing the things that you love is the gateway to self discovery — your passion is an extension of you that allows you to showcase the full expression of who you are to the world, in relation to your purpose.

Fear is also often tied to embracing our passions because it goes against everything that society, our friends and our families taught us about how to survive in a world where only the “beautiful” and “talented” can support themselves by doing what they love.

But this just isn’t true.

Our passions make us feel the way they do because they’re in direct alignment with our purpose.

Upon discovering your passion, own the fact that it’s apart of your identity and what makes you, you — don’t be shy about it, either. Don’t worry about the people that will misunderstand you because most people don’t even understand themselves — which is why they spend their energy and time trying to convince you that you don’t understand “you” either.

The only person that your passion has to make sense to is you, and trying to make someone understand why you’re doing what you love will only take your magic away.

The people who stand out when they finally find their niche in life through embracing their passions are the ones who are unapologetic about what they love to do — because they know that the thing that makes their soul come alive is the wings they were given to fly.