ENTJs Are Not Bullies – They’re One Of The Most Understanding And Empowering Personality Types


Is anyone else tired of coming across only negative or egotistical articles and opinions on the ENTJ personality type?

I only ever come across pieces discussing how they will crush the ‘feelers,’ are better than other ‘thinkers,’ and will achieve world domination and in-slave the mindless other types in comparison to their superiority… and I am sick of it. So here is my personal experience and (sadly, limited) research of exploring the deeper, more profound aspects of the ENTJ personality.

I am currently past the one year mark in a journey of self-discovery and growth with an ENTJ. I have learnt more about life, myself and philosophy in one year from him (and him alone) then I have in the past five years of my existence.

He has shaped me as a person, empowered me and made me a better version of myself. I hope I have returned this gift. I am here to discuss what you benefit from platonic love or romantic love with an ENTJ, based off of research and personal experience.

1. I dare you to find me a more loyal type than the ENTJ. They will stand by you through thick and thin, encourage every ambition and make those ambitions a reality. They will empower you be the best you can and liberate you of the shackles of your past. They will make the future seem like it is achievable – not just a dream.

2. If you are like me, an ENFP, you have trouble making your ideas a concrete reality. An ENTJ, despite being an N type, has tertiary Se and dominant Te, giving them a strong ability to actualize your dreams, or at least to help you along the way. They have the restraint to not control you — to let you make mistakes and learn — but they will always be there to help you improve, until you are able to get there on your own.

3. They understand when you need alone time, and when you need them around. My ENTJ knows when to back off and give me some breathing space, and does this with respect and grace. He is also impressively in-tune to when I need a cuddle, words of affirmation or advice. Most of all, he is there whenever I need support.

4. If you want mind-blowing sex, get yourself an ENTJ. Their combination of auxiliary Ni and Tertiary Se makes them creative, sensual and dominant partners to be with. They will (in my case) guide you, push you to the edge, and hold you in a mental, physical and spiritual state of, well, orgasm. They will get to know what you like without you needing to explain it. They want to make you feel good.

5. ENTJs are arguably one of the most understanding and empathetic types. Despite their often monotone voices, serious demeanor and intimidating presence, they care deeply – very deeply. It may be the fact they struggle so much to understand and express how they feel — but when you do come to them seeking emotional intelligence, they can offer an objective yet empathetic understanding of the battles you are emotionally going through.

Their advice in unparalleled. Their ability to check in and make sure you are progressing out of the issues you find yourself in is heartwarming. And their need to protect and provide for you is honorable. When an old friend who is no longer my friend, made my life a living hell, my ENTJ was not afraid to take her up to task for her actions, to defend me, to support me and to help me cut her out without hurting myself too much in the process.

6. ENTJs are some of the most well informed and wise folks I know. They have read, analyzed and absorbed endless theories, articles and systems. They always have an answer, and they admit when they do not. They are unafraid of debate, challenge or conflict and will strive to resolve any issue. You just have to tell them. Once they are made aware of something, they will not settle until the resolve.

My ENTJ is my rock, a place of safety, warmth, understanding and a firm rooted belief I am just as worthy as any other human being.

To all mature ENTJ’s out there, thank you — for empowering and striving to understand other’s motivations and dreams, and for being a mentor for us all.