Even An Eternity With You Is Not Enough


Even an eternity with you is not enough. I say that so casually, solely because even an eternity of time with you seems limited – not when your joy is my joy, and not when seeing you smile lights up my world – whether it’s in person or on a video call.

Time seems to constantly slip through our fingers, which is why fear creeps into our minds, threatening to create a bridge between us.

We will not let it control our actions, because no matter what, the future is always uncertain, whether we fear it or not.

Every moment we’re not together feels like time wasted, like an opportunity missed.

But I know we will make it through, as long as we both know what we have and cherish it. No one else needs to understand the extent and uniqueness of our feelings – only you and I.

A diversity of galaxies, a multitude of universes that haven’t yet been discovered, but we managed to find each other, to recognize that we are worth it, and that we always have been.

I often imagine how I’d see the world if you weren’t in it, if I didn’t know that someone so similar to myself existed. I probably wouldn’t feel like a part of me was missing every time I was without you, because I wouldn’t know the way you would make me feel – I wouldn’t know that feeling so alive and complete would be possible. 

Opposites attract. Since I’ve met you, that statement seems almost impossibly false to me. How we adore each other, how we express ourselves, how we love and how we appreciate, is like we are the same person, like we belong to a single entity. 

When we happen to clash in opinions, our love for each other beats any amount of anger in the world. Simply the action of you extending your hand out to hold mine signifies forgiveness and that any discussion is only that – a discussion.

But I suppose in our own ways, we are opposites – opposites that magically balance each other out.

Two years apart, without the sight of the precious dimples on your cheeks, without the eyes that smile wholeheartedly looking into mine – and we’ve managed to find our way back to each other.  

For the first time in my life after the longest time, I am filled with hope. I am not letting fear drive us apart – and I know you aren’t either. There is no letting go this time. 

Being apart from you does not make me feel broken like it used to, all because of the hope and positivity that seems to fill my soul – all because of you. The mutual understanding between us about everything extends beyond anything I have ever encountered.

I hope that this means that what we have is real. That what we have is supposed to be – both now and for maybe, just maybe, for more than an eternity.

Maybe some may think that I am just naïve, but truly and wholly, for the first time in my life, after the longest time, I have hope.