Even If We Never Meet Again, This Moment Was Enough


Intuition. She feels the warmth from a kind trusting soul, yet she hesitates to trust him. She ensures she keeps her boundaries, not knowing what will happen when she crosses them. She looks at those kind, affectionate eyes and cannot fault them. Not even for a moment. And then she realizes that he was just a little boy craving affection and attention from a beautiful girl. The eyes—mainly the eyes—always give it away. The body language always gives it away. The affection, the generosity, the smile always gives it away. She was scared once, but she no longer feels scared. She feels protected. She smiles from ear to ear, knowing that she’s blessed, that she has a knight in shining armor. His radiance glows like the sun. He yields unselfishness. His love shines through and pushes out the darkness. Pure golden rays of light. Benevolence. Throwing out evil, impurities, skepticism, and sadness.

That smile of hers catches his eyes, and his heart pounds for a fleeting second—wanting to know, wanting to hear the words of affection from his beloved that he so badly craves. So, the beautiful girl says it, melting his heart. He begins to smile from ear to ear and carries on with the rest of the day, knowing he has won. He thinks of her fondly, missing her, wanting her to visit again.

She thinks of him too. Both can read each other’s souls. Both are passionate and enigmatic. Their love is unattainable. Like fire. Like children playing with fire. Burning hot and red flames ecstatically. Both entranced into an unending fairytale. Both yearning an exploration that is unfathomable. Both close yet so far away. They have fallen in love intuitively.

Would they ever meet again? Who knows. Yet the meeting they had was enough to last a lifetime.