Even In My Escape, I Always Find You


I thought I could escape somewhere I couldn’t think of you. Somewhere I wouldn’t find any memories I build with you. All the promises that are now just been broken. All the sweet smiles and thoughts that has been spoken.

And I thought I could escape all the feelings towards you, when I go somewhere I that wouldn’t find you. But I was so wrong, because I always found you not just from my sight.

You’re living in my memories, my heart and in my soul. Inside of all these thoughts, I couldn’t find myself without you. I’m still hoping to take you with me, to all these escapes I’ve been living in.

But then you decided to let me go, tell me how can I still hold on to something you’ve already moved on from?

I cry myself to sleep wondering why I am still not enough. Am I that ugly, a replacement, for you to find another person to love?

I wonder why you choose to walk away from someone you worked so hard to get, am I not worth someone to remember or am I just easy to forget?

What are we know? Is there still a us? Perhaps we took a shortcut and ended us way before we were meant to break each other’s hearts.

As I see, you’re in love with someone else. Now I know, I just got to let you go. Because it’s over, help me get over you. But I still I don’t know how, there is no easy way of letting go.

And I know it makes no sense, in holding on too much to something fading. Even the love and trust that you keep on wasting.

Seeing someone falling out of love from you probably is a person’s worst thing could ever be watched. Because holding on bleeds me, and letting you  go will cut me deeply.

But I know, somewhere in my escape, somewhere wounds are placed, from the escape I made, I will heal someday.