Even Statues Have Bellies: I Have Insecurities About My Figure, But I Know I Shouldn’t


Despite having a petite size, fat belly, and ugly scarred legs, I still continue to wear skirts, dresses and girly clothes. It makes me feel very feminine and it also gives me a sense of confidence about myself.

I am not totally confident about my body or physical appearance. Just like any other girl who grew up in a very materialistic world, I also have my insecurities. I have flaws in my body. And no matter how I love wearing dresses and cute clothes, I still have to carefully choose those what will compliment my body.

I have to look for clothes that will hide my flaws and enhanced what needs to be enhanced. And most of the time, looking for perfect clothes is not always easy and is really upsetting. This may sound shallow but, it affects my self-esteem and increase my insecurities.

But sometimes, I try to forget or at least ignore these insecurities inside me and just do whatever I want. I wear the things that I want to wear and try to ignore what other people will say. This may sound irresponsible, but I make sure that what I wear is decent enough for society’s standards. But sometimes, it’s just hard to keep up with society’s high standard.

For generations, society has been dictating us of the kind of life that we should live up to. Commercials, magazines and social media continue to remind us of what beauty is really all about. But we know that these are just superficial beliefs that continue to live on because we let them.

Have you seen the sculptures of gods and goddesses around the world? They don’t have that sexy coca cola shape body. These gods and goddesses have fat saggy bellies. They have fat chubby cheeks and Michelin like arms and legs. These obvious physical flaws for us are obviously the concept of beauty for them. So why the hell are we trying so hard to be like plastic Barbie dolls, when the gods and goddesses themselves are good with those love handles?

Being ourselves today seems to be a lot of work. We have to consider what other people will say or think about. And whenever we try to do it, we often failed to be happy and satisfied.

I believed that this should not be the case. We should just be who we want to be. Wear what we want to wear. And flaunt what we want to flaunt. In the first place, nobody is perfect, so we should not remind ourselves of our imperfections or flaws. We should refrain from mirroring ourselves with others by looking at their weaknesses.

Empowered women understand that it is never right to criticize others for what he/she looks or lacks. Empowered women are also not insecure about her own flaws. She understands that she is not perfect but she knows how to handle her imperfections. She is confident and she knows how to handle herself well. She won’t let society dictate how she should live her life or simply control what she wants to wear. And she definitely knows how to flaunt herself and be confident even though she has flaws.

If you have it, flaunt it. If you don’t, nah! Just do it.

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