Even The Strongest Girls Are Allowed To Cry Over Boys


Being a strong girl and being emotionless do not go hand-in-hand.

You can be a strong, independent girl and still feel upset about your relationship ending.

You don’t have to handle heartbreak with your head held high. You are allowed to cry yourself to sleep at night. You are allowed to send him desperate, embarrassing texts about how much you miss him. You are allowed to crumble into a million little pieces.

Being a strong girl doesn’t mean your heart never bruises. It doesn’t mean you are able to confidently say I don’t need a boyfriend seconds after he leaves for the last time.

Being a strong girl means you find a way to pick yourself up after the worst moments of your life. It means you are eventually able to get over him, even though there was a time when you couldn’t imagine living without him.

That might take a little time. You aren’t going to wake up the morning after the breakup and already feel okay. You are allowed to spend weeks bashing him to your friends. You are allowed to think about him late at night, even though you doubt he’s thinking about you. You are allowed to be heartbroken. It’s not a crime.

Getting over someone you had genuine feelings for will take time, regardless of how strong you are. There is nothing wrong with feeling. Being vulnerable is much harder than being heartless.

You can be a strong girl who misses a boy. You can be a strong girl who hates herself for losing that boy.

You are not immune to emotions. You are not superhuman. Your heartbreak is nothing to be embarrassed about. At one point or another, it happens to everyone.

Even though you are a strong girl, there are going to be days when you feel weak. Days where you wonder how you are going to take another step forward. Days when you don’t think you can take it anymore.

Those rough days will make you doubt yourself, but they will pass. Soon they will become memories and you’ll be back to kicking ass.

Strong girls are capable of having their hearts torn in two — but they are also capable of getting over that heartbreak.

They are able to move on from a love they thought would never die, because they know their worth. They know they are going to find someone else in the future who gives them everything they have dreamt about having.

More importantly, they know if they end up single for a while or forever, that’s okay. They don’t need anyone. They are fine on their own. They are going to keep finding reasons to smile, with or without another body sleeping beside them.

Strong girls suffer from heartbreak just like everybody else, but they are able to snap themselves out of it soon. They are able to rediscover their happiness, because they realize they don’t need a relationship to feel fulfilled. They already have enough to be proud about.