Even Though I’m Closing The Chapter Of Us You’ll Always Be My Favorite Character


It’s like the curtain closed ; goodbyes were said, well sort of…

But this time we didn’t look back at it with melancholy or full of tears.

There was no blowout. There was no cursing. There was no heartbreak. Our story consisted of all those things at one point.

Trial and error. Coming and going. Loving and hurting. Smiling and tears.

I look at us and it’s the combination of complete chaos that leaves me smiling, because I wouldn’t have wanted to go through hell and back with anyone other than you.

And at times we tested each other. We knew each other so well. We knew exactly what to say to annoy the shit out of each other and frustrate each other. We said we hated one another only to respect that hate was really love in disguise.

So while I’m choosing to close this chapter, there are so many things you taught me about myself.

We never gave up on each other, not once. And this isn’t me giving up on you now. This is me accepting the fact I don’t need you the way I once thought I did.

I’m accepting we can go separate ways but a piece of you will always be embedded within me, as I am you.

We never stopped loving each other, despite how hard some of the times were. We never stopped believing in each other. Both together as a whole and individually supporting the other, being each other’s number one fan.

We never lost faith. We never lost hope. We never stopped forgiving each other in the moments one of us fell short. We accepted each other’s past and held it together somehow for a future we didn’t know.

Until one day the past was us and there was nowhere new to go together. We did what we could.

You understood me in a way I wish everyone could understand me. It was a simple glance. A simple gesture. It was the ability to communicate without words because we got it – whatever ‘it’ was. I know people spend their entire lives looking for that sort of thing with someone.

Even in the times we were apart there was no denying a connection we couldn’t explain. Like we were on the same wavelength or something.

For the bond we share, I’ll always be grateful.

Like any favorite character you’ll be welcomed back with open arms and a smile always. But for now I’ll let you go. And the difference this time is it doesn’t hurt because I know what we have or had is rare.

We’ll take our final bow locking fingers, knowing two people have never loved each other more.

You taught me love doesn’t come in one form or can be singlehandedly defined by labels.

You taught me the different types of love.

You taught me to love without expecting it in return. You taught me to be selfless in the times you weren’t able to give me what I thought I needed at the time.

But of all things you taught me true love is that which doesn’t need to be reciprocated. True love is only the acceptance you feel this way and it is your duty to be true to that.

You couldn’t love me the way I deserved, but I loved you the best I could.

And I know you loved me the best you were able to. But sometimes things don’t work out as we envision them to.

Even if our love for one another was different; love is love. I know that much to be true.

And I wish you luck and I refuse to say goodbye, because I know one thing to be true. Where ever we each go and whoever we may be with, we’ve exchanged pieces of one another and it’s something I’d never trade back.