Even Through The Unknown She Knows Hope Is There


For her, hope is there – but only in small breaths. With every inhale she feels she’s losing herself more with every exhale. With every effort forward, she’s more tired after. The back and forth of finding reason and then being confused again is tiring. The back and forth of finding strength and then feeling tired again is tiring. Finding her way is tiring. Smiling while trying to be okay is tiring. Life is tiring. But even though most is unknown, she knows hope is always there. And that’s what gets her through. She never stops believing that even though her efforts may not be showing results now, someday they will. Even though she experiences moments of deep loneliness, she knows someday she’ll be held. Even though hope comes in small breaths, she knows small hope is big hope. She knows sometimes you don’t need much of something for it to be just enough. Her ‘small’ hope is holding her through every breath forward and that is enough.