Ever Falling Into The Present


Ever falling into the present
the pull of the unknown
drags the heart to dis-ease
holding steady in the wait
in the hope,
that the truth will unfold with grace
gently into the moments
that desire to be taken seriously

It wishes to be seen,
to be heard
to be realized into existence
the truth is,
it never went anywhere in the first place

The unknown is held within the present
waiting to be seen in its stillness
in its fullness
in its love
in its beauty
in its strength

The difficulty,
seems to arise in the wait
trust it,
it takes time to build
one belief at a time
that is full of compassion
of understanding
that hears the song
of acceptance
that welcomes
only the vulnerable
calling you to feel its edges

To feel its edges brings
the divine to the forefront
and moves you beyond worlds
it speaks the moment through,
moves the body through
to your realized potential

Feeling steady on
the moons
of the present
that holds you with lush
barrels full of

Oh how they desire to
overflow, to seep into the pain
to allow it to be held
with gentle tenderness
that allows it to be flexible
so it can transform into a sky
that finally can open up
to a new beginning
of love, and of sorrow

That sweetly creates a tune
to sway you into
a sweet sea breeze
of existence
that caresses your soul
that breathes in your past
to exhale you back
to the present of
your being

Embodying your truth
that allows your wings to
unfurl and move you
through the dis-ease
walking steadily
in your power

The dance does not end
but becomes in sync
to the sweet desires,
deep desires
of your unmoved beauty within