Every Feeling Leads To A Moment Leads To A Memory


Each moment is final, you can’t have the same moment again. Once it ends, it’s gone forever. As humans, there’s something in us that wants to feel a certain moment all over again. That summer in Paris? Gone. That cold sangria you have in the middle of the day in Barcelona? Gone. That 2 AM conversation in a park? Gone. No matter how hard you’re looking to live those moments again, you just can’t. Maybe this is why people keep saying the phrase “live in the moment” because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. So embrace it, savor every moment.

I could say that my favorite phrase is “life goes on.” life doesn’t stop for you until you’re dead. Heartache after heartache, laugh after laugh, and feeling after feeling. Life is exhausting but maybe that’s the essence of life, to be exhausted. Why? Maybe because humans were made from so many things and humans were built to feel and experience those things. Humans are moments and memories, the memories of happiness we had when we were a child, the memories of having fun, of being sad, of being in love that make us live.

The moment, this exact second is that moment. A good moment, a bad moment, a first time moment, a last time moment. That moment when you had your first kiss is now a memory, that moment when you last saw the person with whom you shared that kiss is now a memory; a moment leads to a memory. There are times when the idea of removing all the memories seem like a good idea, the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind gave us that idea and I’ve heard people saying that they wanted to have that machine, heck, I even have said that. But think again: do you really want to live a life like that? Without memory?

I smile when I remember that week when I got my heart broken into pieces, when I wasn’t able to do anything except cry in my bed. It hurts to remember that moment but I am who I am now because of that moment. If I wiped that memory clean, I wouldn’t be here believing that time heals everything. If I wiped that memory clean, I’d be crying in my bed for a week all over again the next time I got my heart broken, I wouldn’t know that nothing is forever, I’d be experiencing the heartbreak again and I don’t know if I could do that.

As humans, we make words and promises, either to ourselves or people. And as humans, we break our promises; it’s our nature to make and break. So don’t feel bad when you break your promise, we make mistakes, we say things we didn’t mean. Don’t feel bad when you’re drowning in a memory, feel it because that’s who you are. Smile or cry over the memories. Live that moment when you’re smiling or crying, don’t feel bad. It’s okay, it will be okay. Everything will be okay.

featured image – Ellieboat / Flickr