Every Set Of Soulmates Has Taken These 40 Scrapbook Worthy Photographs


1. A photo you saved from Snapchat that gave you both dog ears or flower crowns.

2. A drunken photograph that you both thought looked fantastic when you took it, but realized how hideous it was in the morning when you sobered up.

3. A photo you actually asked strangers to take for you at a concert or a restaurant, because you were sick of selfies.

4. A photo of you two at some boring wedding you hated, but you still love the picture, because you both look fancy AF.

5. A photo with your entire family that your boyfriend offered to take, but your parents pulled him into, because he’s part of the family now, too.

6. A photo of you two in bed, half-naked, that you’ll never ever let anyone else see.

7. A photo of him chastely kissing your cheek like the gentleman that he is.

8. A photo of you kissing with way too much tongue for the camera to handle.

9. A photo in front of something spectacular, like the Eiffel Tower or The Grand Canyon, that shows off your epic vacation.

10. A photo in front of something completely ridiculous that you just had to take, like two monkeys humping at the zoo.

11. A photo that was taken while you were on a roller coaster that you actually had to buy from the amusement park.

12. A photo that would’ve been your absolute favorite if it wasn’t for the fact that the lighting sucked and it came out blurry.

13. A photo he still hasn’t realized you’ve taken of him, because he was sleeping when you snapped it.

14. A photo you liked so much that you’ve posted it on pretty much all of the social media profiles you have.

15. A photo of you proudly holding the cake you’ve just baked together, even though it came out looking like something out of Gordon Ramsay’s nightmares.

16. A photo you look absolutely flawless in, but of course, he’s not even looking at the camera.

17. A photo you took to try to be artistic, which only shows your intwined hands or your flip flops.

18. A photo of you in matching shirts or pajamas that makes you look like those super mushy couples you usually make fun of.

19. A photo you remember taking at least twenty times, and even though both of you are smiling in it, you were secretly annoyed by how long the process was taking.

20. A photo you took on a double date that makes it clear that you’re the more attractive couple.

21. A photo you took of him while he was driving and you were in the passenger seat.

22. A photo where he’s holding you in his arms, bridal-style, or has you flung over his shoulder.

23. A photo you took inside of a concert hall or a movie theater that’s way too dark to actually see.

24. A photo where you’re both making silly faces at the camera.  

25. A photo you took at a mundane place, like the supermarket or around the neighborhood, just for the hell of it.

26. An adorable photo of you two with your pet, which you’ve been thinking about using for your holiday card.

27. A photo of you holding the teddy bear he just won you or wearing the jewelry he just bought you.

28. A photo that you both look miserable in, even though you were actually having the time of your life.

29. A photo you took while cuddling in bed with him.

30. A photo someone took from behind when you were sitting in the sand at the beach.

31. A photo you took in the middle of the ocean, even though it meant you had to risk bringing your phone into the water.

32. A photo you made your boyfriend take while you were holding hands and walking in front of him, because you’ve seen hundreds of couples post those photos on Tumblr and wanted one for your own collection.

33. A photo of you wearing his oversized teeshirt or boxers.

34. A photo you took in your couple’s costumes on Halloween.

35. A photo of you staring deeply into each other’s eyes instead of looking at the camera.

36. A photo of you flipping him off, because you told him not to take a picture ten times and he insisted on doing it anyway.

37. A picture of you holding beers or red solo cups while surrounded by strangers you can’t even name.

38. A random photo you took in your own living room, because you both looked sexy on that particular day.

39. A photo that looks identical to the one you took right before it, but you haven’t deleted it for sentimental reasons.

40. A photo where you’re both genuinly laughing and looking at each other with so much love it’s scary.