Everyone Enjoy These Mugshots Of Hot Guys


Have you ever wondered to yourself what happens when hot, primarily white, likely upper-middle-class bros get arrested (mostly for possession and petty theft)? Well, wonder no more — the novelty Tumblr Hot And Busted (which sounds far more vulgar than it actually is) has arrived to tend to all your schadenfreude needs. And it’s all the more fun, in fact, if you speculate their various sordid, bro-y backstories.

Assumedly pulled over between a championship lacrosse match and the taping for a cooking show about Jungle Juice, Charming Bro displays the finest in athletic haircut, glassy-eyed stare, and smile that says “My dad’s lawyer wins cases like these for breakfast.”

Sad Bro is sad. He is not going to have access to hair product, a decent selection of black hoodies, or his long-term girlfriend in the slammer. Sad Bro reflects on his misdeeds.

Okay, so we can only speculate that Shirtless Bro was detained mid-Abercrombie photo shoot, and was doing something so pressing as to make the application of clothing a formality not worth the extra time.

It is only fair to assume that Polo Bro had his collar popped upon arrest, but decided that, given the generally somber tone of the whole “going to jail” affair, a turned-down collar was much more appropriate and respectful law enforcement.

Corporate Bro, aside from looking as though he’s representing himself legally, teaches us that a mugshot is no time to slack on our Brooks Brothers chic. Also, we’re assuming his name is Patrick Bateman.

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