Everyone Is Laughing Their Asses Off At This ‘Banana Holder’ That Looks A Lot Like…Something Else


Out there in the world there is this phenomenal product — a banana protector called the Banana Bunker! This device ensures that your bananas are kept unbruised and delicious through all transportation.

But some people seem to believe that this device resembles…something else. After Groupon posted an advertisement for the banana holder on Facebook, some pretty hilarious comments rolled in:

What are people saying about this phenomonal products? Are they asking questions about the specs, price, or durability? Let’s see…

People have some v v important questions about this product.

People are really starting to think they *need* this product.

You gotta have a sense of humor with this…

Why not both?

Okay, I think I’m done with the internet today.

This is the future we were promised.