Everyone’s Right To Love: Addressing Those Who Don’t Accept Homosexuality


It’s not that I don’t understand why people refuse to accept homosexuality. I know the impact of religion and culture. I just feel there is something deeper that is missing.

Love is one of the fundamentals of life. It remains as an instinctual element within us, with each and every person going through life longing for it. Potentially something we will never completely understand and be able to quantify, and why should it be? In a day of such advanced science and technology, with almost everything being quantifiable to some extent, it’s fantastic that the parameters of love elude us, leaving us to wonder.

That leads me on the my next point, or maybe back to the start. Homosexuality and its acceptance. How can a person take someone else’s liberty to love away? How on this earth, can somebody have that opportunity themselves, and still have the audacity to tell someone else with such passion that their love is wrong?

Looking at this, we brush on – as I said before – culture and religion. They both go hand in hand with tradition and historical viewpoints. I’m not here to bash religion, I’m just here to put the idea forward that when we get older, each and every experience changes us, changes our fundamentals. Every sentence we read. Every person we meet. Eventually, it’s expected that we discover our own viewpoints, and these may stray from what we previously believed. We become an person made up of everything around us. Those people out there that still think homosexuality is wrong, take a second look. Look at it for its fundamentals. Look at everyone’s fundamentals. Love, my friends.

Everyone should have the right to hold somebody so tight and with so much love they lose track of time, space, and any feelings other than pure happiness and content. Or the right to feel a pain so deep that it makes them stronger than ever before. These things are what make that person alive. Everyone should be able to one day suddenly understand what life means as they look into the eyes of their true love and soul mate. Some people have these taken away because it’s ‘wrong’. How can you say that someone’s life is ‘wrong’? Nobody deserves to feel like that.

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