Everything I Learned When You Left Me


I never got to say it, but thank you for breaking my heart.

You showed me the darkest parts of falling in love and being in a relationship. You showed me what it was like being in a toxic, draining, low-vibrational relationship. You showed me what it was like to stay not out of love, but out of convenience.

You showed me that no matter how much you give to someone, it will never be enough to the wrong person. You could cross to the other side of the world for them and they still won’t ever reciprocate the amount of love you have for them.

You showed me the darkness of using your insecurities and flaws against you when they’re angry or upset. You were the living proof that just because I gave you my body doesn’t mean that you had my soul—because you never had my soul.

You showed me so much about falling in love and relationships, but you showed me more about myself, and for that, I will be eternally grateful for the lessons you imprinted on my heart. You showed me that I was always more than enough, but it just took the right person to see that.

You showed me how much of myself I could just give away in hopes of making someone a better person or trying to save them from their own darkness. However, you also proved that it was never my job to save you. I could never have saved or made you into someone better if you didn’t deal with your own issues yourself.

But most importantly, you proved to me that the love we had was never based on something real; it was based merely on having a need for this relationship in our heads to escape reality.

Thank you for having the courage to do the one thing I have always wanted to do: You walked away.

Thank you, because if not for you, I wouldn’t have found the person who not only deserves me, but gave me something real.