Everything I Love About You


I love every strand of your hair.
I love every expression of your eyes.
I love your pointed nose.
I love your thin, smooth, soft lips.
I love how you look me in the eyes.
There’s no profound meaning though.

I love it when you smile.
I love it more when I hear your effervescent laugh.
I love the way you puff your cigarette.
I love the way you talk.
Your voice makes me calm.
I love it when you sing a song for me.
It’s really not meant for me.
It still makes me giggle, though.

I love it when you ask me why I’m quiet.
I love it when you want me to tell you my stories.
I love your warm hugs and sweet, gentle kisses.
It seems genuine at times.

I love to watch you while you’re sleeping.
I love it when we will just lie down in bed and do nothing and yet, I feel happy.
I love the way you stand, the way you sit, the way you walk.
I love it when you’re drunk.
I feel that you’re being more unpretentious and natural.

I love it when you ask me to scratch your back.
I love to see you feeling satisfied.
I love to comfort you.
I know you don’t want that to come from me.
I’ll still do it anyway.

I love to stare at your face.
I love to stare at your face when you’re asleep.
I love to stare at you.
And love every single detail about you.

I love it when I watch your every move.
I do it from afar.
It makes me smile timidly.

I love how you drive me crazy.
I love our few ‘happy’ memories.
I love how you make me stay awake at night.
Getting what you want will also satisfy me.
These are just ‘some’.
No matter how I love these things about you,
It also made me hate you.
You did ‘nothing’.
But you made me love you.