Everything Reminds Me Of You Now


Love is an inconceivable joy once it is found. It makes you forget all that is wrong with this world. Consider it a blanket; it shields you from the outside and puts you in a shell that you want to believe, at the moment, cannot be broken.

It can break. It has broken in the past, as many people have experienced firsthand. However, for me this is the first time.

Love is a bond with another soul that consumes every part of you. It consumes your life, your mind, and your body. It makes you feel a way that is only described internally and not in words. Love in its basic form is simplicity at its finest. When you open yourself to love it will welcome you and reassure you that life is worth living.

As simple as love is, it is the most complex idea in our minds. It is something that takes years to build. Love is something that takes parts of you and joins them with another. Love literally takes pieces of you and adds them to another’s life. But in return you fill those empty spaces with pieces of your significant other.

But if love is all these things why can it be taken so fast, so swiftly? It’s an idea that is hidden deep in our minds masked by love. This is loves goal, to reassure someone that this feeling will last forever.

Love has a mind of its own, it works in mysterious ways. Once taken away, you ask yourself why somethings so good, something that took so long to build can just be swept away so fast.

I now ask myself this question every day, every night I lay awake. Everything reminds me of you, the things we did together, the places we went, the songs we would listen to. They all take me back to that time when we loved so deep, when we thought this would never end. Then you can’t stop asking yourself where it went wrong. You pick through your memories, no matter how bad it hurts trying to make sense of it.

There is no simple answer. There is no way to put your finger on why this happened, why this happened to you.

But love can be rebuilt and that is the only thing one can hope for. If you believe you truly found love, never give up on it. We ALL deserve endless love. But like I said, love is complex. It works in ways in which we cannot question and just have to believe in.

I will leave you with this. Even though love can be taken so fast, when you find it hold on it every second of it. Let is consume you and every part of you. Let it in and let it take control because it can be taken in the blink of an eye.