Everything You Do Is Adorable


You look adorable when you laugh. When you give me a polite smile, because you didn’t think my joke was funny, but you thought I looked cute while telling it. Or when I say something hysterical, but you don’t want to admit it, so you try your hardest to keep your laughter caged in your throat, only showing a hint of a smirk.

You look adorable in every picture you post on Instagram, in every photo I open on Snapchat (the ones I have to to stop myself from screenshotting to avoid looking desperate). It doesn’t matter if you’re posing in front of a mirror, trying too hard to force attractiveness that’s naturally there, or if you’re making a goofy face at the camera that no other person would consider cute. I think it’s all gorgeous. Because it’s all you.

You look adorable when you get excited about something. A sport, a book, a video game, a promotion. It doesn’t matter what it is. It doesn’t matter if I can follow a word of what you’re saying. I could listen to you blab about it all day long. I could listen, even if I genuinly didn’t care, because I do care about you. About your happiness. About your energy. About that smile.

You look adorable when you’re angry. When you get all worked up and let your passion swell. When you let the curses slip from your lips and put your emotions on full display. I know I’m not supposed to find your anger attractive, but it’s hot as all hell. Any argument we start, I could finish with a kiss. I could finish unclothed.

You look adorable when we lock eyes. When you first see me and tell me how beautiful I look, without even saying the words. When you glance down at my lips, inviting me in for a kiss. And when you nod your head along to whatever I’m saying, listening as intently as you can, even if I know you couldn’t possibly care about the mundane things I’m rambling on about.

You look adorable when I picture you in my head, but reality never disappoints. You always look just as stunning face-to-face as you do in my dreams, my fantasies. No matter how much I build you up in my head, nothing ever knocks the image down. You keep raising your pedestal higher and higher. You keep making me want you more.

You’re even adorable when you text me. Even though the only face I can see on my screen is the reflection of mine, the one with a stupid grin that only a boy could give, I can’t stop myself from blushing. Every word you send, I read in your voice. The voice that comforts me, entertains me, and turns me on. The voice I want whispering in my ear on my wedding day, and then every day after that.