Everything You Need To Know About The #ManInTree Viral Sensation Who’s Been Holding Seattle ‘Hostage’


What do you do when you need to get away? Spa? Cabin in the woods? Going out with friends? Climbing a seven-story high tree and chilling there for a few days?

Well, whether you’d do it or not, its what a man in Downtown Seattle has done, and he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Yesterday this man climbed the entire height of the tree, eventually letting himself get situated toward the very top.

And just in case you think the sensationalism is clickbait bullshit, here’s how tall this f*cking tree is:

The police and emergency services have been trying to get him down, or at least communicate, but to little avail.

They seemed to get some initial information about WHY the man was holding this particular tree hostage.

But the man also didn’t seem to be in the mood for visitors.

The man escalated from throwing apples to throwing entire branches as firefighters who tried to communicate with him from a fire truck ladder.


He also told rescuers, apparently, that he was armed with a knife — in case the branches and apples weren’t warning enough.

Reports indicate that the man doesn’t seem restless — anything but. He has apparently constructed himself a very comfortable nest.

And if this situation couldn’t get any stranger, last night a local MMA “superhero” named Phoenix Jones tried to bravely intervene by bringing the man beer and cigarettes, which Jones claims has solved all situations with the man in the past.

KOMO News has been conducting a live-streaming of the tree with updates on the man’s movement as they happen.

And a fan Twitter account has also been made to update the public on news from the man.

Meanwhile, Seattle Police have said that they just have to wait him out.

“We can’t spread out the trampolines and get out the tranquilizer gun as if he’s a bear … We’ll just have to wait him out.”

As this story has gone viral across the internet, people have brought up questions of mental health and mental service. Phoenix Jones, who has suggested he knows the man somewhat well, said that:

Other people across social media agree, and go even further:



People point to the lack of mental health services offered all across the United States, and how these services are particularly difficult to access for the homeless.

Whatever your reasoning or needs, godspeed #ManInTree.