Excuse Me, I Just Died Watching This Hot Guy In This Video



Is there anything better in life than an abbed, well-oiled hot guy who is also covered in tattoos and dancing 4 u in front of an American flag? No there is not! Kazaky, the Ukrainian dance super group known for their dark, infectious party floor anthems, just dropped an awesome electro-kissed summer jam to help us get through the final 5 weeks of summer. Yes that’s right people — summer is almost over. The new song is called “Touch Me” and it shows these fabulous sex lions getting padded down by officers at U.S. Customs, wearing stilettos and carrying leather whips in their suitcases, because why not? “You want to touch me/You can touch me now.” Y-E-S. The song is really awesome on it’s own, and it will instantly put you the requisite sultry party mood. Which is awesome because there’s only a few weeks left go get out there and touch up on some stuff ya’ll!!

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image – Shutterstock