Fall In Love, But Always Pick Up The Pieces


Love is so beautiful. Love is a beautiful feeling most especially when someone you love gives it to you back. Love can be destructive, too, and can be the loss of a relationship. It’s okay to fall in love but always pick up the pieces.

Don’t let someone mend your heart for you. Always let people know you can stand alone and you can heal wounds from your broken love. Always let people see you’re strong but let them know, too, that you’re hurting and you need their help. No man is an island after all. Never look for a rebound. It will never help you in standing up in your own two feet. Don’t find someone else that may possibly pick up the pieces for you. It is you who make your heart broken so don’t let others get it for you.

And if you have friends who are brokenhearted, tell them they can move forward without looking back. Tell them they can do it without being with the person they had loved centuries ago. Tell them they’re witty and strong and beautiful. Tell them they don’t need romantic love to fill in the gaps inside their hearts. Tell them they have succeeded and tell them that in life, not everything is all about romantic love. It’s not all about being in a relationship because there’s more to that. They can make friends and learn to love them and maybe, there can be one certain friend that may stay with them for the rest of their lives.

If ever that person you’ve loved comes back and asks for another chance, don’t take it. He or she doesn’t deserve the love you have given him or her a long time ago. It’s thrown away and it will never come back. Don’t believe in his or her sugar-coated words. It may be a lie they have practiced multiple of times and may have tried to different people. And maybe, you are the last possible person who may take him or her in inside your house, because you are the only one who will hear his heartbreaks and broken feelings.

Lastly, when you succeed, put a smile onto your face. Write a letter to your friends how you have overcome the most sorrowful feeling you have experienced in your life. It takes a matter of time to pick up the pieces.

image – Flickr / Miss Skew