Fall In Love Every Time You Travel


They say to be careful about falling in love while traveling, because when you leave, you’ll be heartbroken. It’s hard to say goodbye when your life is tangled in someone else’s; it’s hard to go home when your heart is somewhere else.

But screw it. That’s right — screw it. Forget the advice you’ve heard. forget what your friends say. You should fall in love every time you travel — every second of every day.

Fall in love with the man you meet in the market or the woman sitting by the church. Fall in love with people you talk to over espresso or a cup of tea and conversation. Say yes to the ride on the vespa, to dates over drinks, to afternoons spent lazing on the beach. Say yes to everything you can and lose yourself in every moment. Fall in love, again and again.

Fall in love quickly, without a doubt, without a second thought. Fall in love before it’s over and it’s too late.

Fall in love with the sights you see, the views that surround you. With cities and countrysides and oceans, with worlds broken into ruins and worlds built anew. Watch the sunrise and the sunset and keep your eyes wide open for every second in between. Don’t let yourself miss a single moment.

Fall in love with the sounds, with people talking in languages you don’t understand and forks clinking against plates and loud laughter drifting out of restaurant windows. Fall in love with the taste of fresh food and new flavors. Fall in love with every person you meet, even if it’s just for a moment — let them make marks on your soul before they leave.

But most importantly, fall in love with your life — because every moment is yours, and no one can take that away from you.

Someday you’ll look back at these moments and realize they’re all just memories, and that some fade faster than others. So fall in love every second while you can, because you’ll never forget the things that made your heart race.