Fall In Love With A Fierce Girl


The general trend amongst men is that guys don’t date girls who aren’t afraid to say no. Maybe it’s a threat to their ego or their masculinity, but girls who refuse to be told what to do are complete turn offs. But honestly: guys you are looking at this all wrong.

Girls who are fierce are not emasculating like you think. In fact, if you aren’t afraid to love a girl with a backbone it shows that you’re a mature man and not an insecure boy.

Girls who are fierce know exactly what they want and will not let anyone compromise that for them; even love. They aren’t afraid to be blunt and tell you the truth(no sugar coating required). But don’t be fooled by their sharp words… girls who are fierce know exactly what they are worth and won’t waste their time being treated any less. They aren’t cold or heartless, they’ve got more love in their hearts than a teddy bear- they just refuse to show it because they will not be taken advantage of.

Girls who are fierce make the best girlfriends. They will support you and motivate you to achieve your goals. They will see all that you are worth and never let you think you’re worth less than you are. They recognize your full potential and will push you to never settle. A fierce girl makes a protective girlfriend, she knows what she wants and deserves. She will never bore you and will openly share her thoughts and opinions with you- but be careful, if you’re expecting to win an argument with her; be warned, she is stubborn and headstrong.

Loving a fierce girl is the most riveting experience, she is a pearl that’s been hiding away in plain sight. Once you fall in love with a fierce girl, she will change your world. But hold onto her- it’s easy for her to walk away from you. Treat her the way she deserves to be treated and she will be the most loyal companion.

Start appreciating the fierce girls in your life… they are a rare gem.