Fall In Love With A Girl Who’s Used To Long Distance


She’s used to it, the whole being away from you. It doesn’t make her want to pull her hair out. You’re not the itch she needs to scratch. It, if anything, dispels her from all the worries.

She’s lives thousands of miles away from everyone she knows and loves, so she won’t mind not seeing you for a day or longer. You grow to be okay not seeing your family during the holidays or birthdays because your life is at a different speed than others.

Just like you, she as well can feel trapped and suffocated by the varying vocal tones present in the room. It’s okay if you can’t always hang out with her. Living in that manner has not only prepared her independency, but her mentality.

She’s grown to put in all her faith, trust, and hope in people she is not actively around knowing damn well of the consequences ahead, like a gambler calling it all in. And maybe down the road, betrayal will cause her to have wetter eyes for the night, but she’ll know in some way, shape, or form, it’s for the best; whatever that best may be.

Busy spells will be the one thing she will understand, but also fight you on. While she is accustomed to being on her own footing, she manages to juggle all seven balls while making the phone call to ensure her love for those who return the warmth to her heart. Don’t ignore her or use the words “I’m busy” because you will never hear the end of it or you’ll vividly remember the color scheme of her planner.

I get it. No one talks about how hard it is. No one talks about the painful distractions. No one talks about holding hands with yourself. You crave touch so desperately, especially when all you want to do is cuddle up with your significant other and indulge in one another’s presence.

Anyone who loves you so intently end up forever connected to you; when you hurt, she hurts regardless whether you’re a room or continent away.

So stop letting a plane, train, or automobile ride away keep you from blossoming into the bouquet she holds on her wedding day. Yes, she’s frazzled, a little ruffled, and entirely thick skinned, but that’s why you fell in love with her, right?