Fall In Love With Someone Who Dances


Fall in love with someone who meets you on the dance floor.

When you’re at a wedding, or a family function, or another event that has a dance floor at the center of it, they will not hesitate to jump to their feet and join you there. It doesn’t matter that the two of you aren’t the best dancers on the floor. It doesn’t matter if you step on their toes, and it doesn’t matter if they step on yours. They don’t care who’s watching — all they care about is joining you, step by step. All that matters is that the two of you are swirling around, laughing and moving with the music. All that matters is that your hand is holding theirs.

Fall in love with someone who dances with you in the kitchen.

When you get home from a long night out and your beloved wants to keep dancing in that kitchen, I hope you join them. The kitchen is now your dance floor, and it is perfect. When your favorite song comes on your Spotify playlist and you can’t help but move, they too will indulge you in a silly waltz around the kitchen island. The two of you will giggle until your bellies hurt from laughing so much and your mouths are sore from smiling so wide. I hope you dance with one another until the very last note is played. I hope you always remember what it feels like to twirl around the kitchen — hold onto the memory of how the tile feels beneath your bare feet. These are the moments that form a lasting love. These are the things to remember and hold onto.

I hope you fall in love with someone that dances with you, even if there is no music.

When they hold you close to their chest, you both sway with the music that lingers in your memories and in your hearts.

Your heartbeat sets the rhythm, and you find one another as you dance.