Fall In Love With Yourself


There are many things to hate. Like the fact that my nose is slightly crooked. Or the fact that I have a slightly lopsided smile when I grin extra wide. Or maybe since I’m a control freak I have to have the final say in every decision- trust me, it’s annoying; but it gets the job done.

There are many versions of a person. There’s the version that sits in bed with breakfast and watching Sunday morning cartoons that brought the same simplistic delight twelve years ago as it does now.

There’s the version that cries a little inside each time she sees a reminder of him. He comes and goes, and with him are fleeting memories that become your weakest link. You brush them off because at first they were strong and persistent; overtime they diminished into quiet, nagging little feelings that you brush off again and again. Pretty soon they disappear altogether. At least you hope so.

There are multiple versions of a person; but the best version is what you should strive to be. It’s the version that allows you to succeed, but also to make mistakes and learn from them. It allows you to love more, to laugh more, to let in the people you deserve to be surrounded by, and removes you from the people who are anything less. This version, this golden hope that provides any hope for moving forward, is what allows you to be the “best” you. Someone will cherish and celebrate this version of you, because light will shine a little brighter and life will seem a little lighter.

Fall in love with yourself. Because someone else may be too.