Falling In Love Isn’t Supposed To Be Like This


Falling in love isn’t supposed to be like this. It is supposed to be flowers and walks on the beach, first dates and kisses on front porches. Falling in love was always gradual, comfortable, safe. This love, this strange, strong, passionate love, happened in an instant. I saw you and I knew, right down into the depths of my very being, that I would love you.

We talked, but I didn’t listen.

I was distracted by the way your lips moved; distracted by the way you pushed your hair back with your fingers, grabbing the ends and twisting them. I didn’t listen to you because all I could think of was biting those lips, running my fingers through that hair.

Then, we touched. It was accidental, just the brush of a hand, but my heart stopped. I felt it jump in my chest, yearning for me to grab your hand and to pull you into me. I wanted to feel your perfectly sculpted arms wrapping around me and pulling me into your warm embrace.

I could smell you from the rock you were sitting on. Your scent was intoxicating, and I was drawn towards the musky, manly scent of you.

My friends told me they were leaving. We trailed behind, our hands and bodies bumping into each other, sending electric shocks with every touch. You grabbed my hand and I felt my heart soar, but then you left. I was alone, unable to stop thinking of you, keeping myself up at night with the thought of your kiss, your touch.

I saw you in the morning. Our gazes locked and I knew that you felt the same. I needed to be with you: just to drink in your presence one more time. You asked me to stargaze, so we did. We sat on a bench, staring at the stars, finding the brightest ones and murmuring our approval.

You leaned in. You put your arm around me and pulled me closer. My heart sped and my hands shook. And then, you tilted your head and, hovering for a moment in front of my lips, you stared into my eyes, silently pleading their approval. I stared into your green eyes, mesmerized, then closed the space between us, kissing you slowly and softly. In that kiss, I felt something I never had before.

Falling in love isn’t supposed to be like this. But it is. Falling in love with you is fast and breathless and adventurous—like jumping off of a cliff with no bottom, like riding a rollercoaster with no end, like falling in love at first sight.