Feelings Change, But That Doesn’t Mean The Relationship Never Mattered


We learn;
We learn that things pass.
Feelings pass,
People? Pass.
Pass through, pass by –
Doesn’t mean our hearts were shy to stop them!
Maybe… it was us.
Too afraid to tell; the feelings were hushed.

We grow.
We grow up; and apart.
Things fall,
Things break,
And we eventually move on, we move ahead.
We… just leave a little bit of us behind.
To be lost forever, no reason to find.

We change.
We change. Feelings change –
With us that is life’s deal.
Doesn’t mean it isn’t true, wasn’t real.
“It is for someone’s sake,”
Or was it for ours so?
That we… we let go.

We ask.
We ask… actually, we mostly tell.
“Are you okay?” “I love you.”
These are questions we mostly don’t need an answer to –
we know it, all too well.
Why do we ask, you say?
Maybe it is us who wish to, need to hear it,
and we don’t, okay?
Because, you see,
“We get what we want and not what we need.”

And then…

We choose to stop.
All together. We call it The End.
Of care, of our ability to love –
We just assume, we accept;
That the gaps between some fingers
are never meant to be filled.
That hand is never meant to be held
by another – in trust, in faith,
In love.
That void remains…

…no, WAIT…

We should not give up. It never did end.
We never stopped, you see.

We chose – to hope.
We just lost belief,
We regretted, we grieved.
We tore our souls apart over it.
But is that pain all that there is?


Grieve, my friend; so that you can feel –
Feel better, get the best feels.
Fill yourself
to the brim ; high-time there is some self-build.

Learn, grow, change, tell.
Choose. Just… don’t stop, don’t lose.