Find Someone Who Feels Like Summer


It was morning and my windows were still open from the night before. It was 70 degrees in February in Upstate, which never happens so I took advantage of the uncommon summer night in the winter. I know it’s global warming, and I know it just means more bugs in the summer, and I know it just means all the snow mountains will melt and cause flooding and sea levels will rise. It will be the end of everything we have ever known.

But this morning when I woke up and felt the warm breeze still left over from the night before…you could smell the coming rain in the air and the sun was peeking out from behind really dark clouds. I was just lying there in bed and I couldn’t help but think that you are like this random day in February. The warm in the cold.

You were unexpected, nobody saw you coming. Especially not me. I was so used to the cold. The puffs of smoke on your breath that come out when you breathe in the winter. I was so use to the dark of winter, the ice hanging off rooftops, the layers of clothes, unable to warm up. I went weeks without seeing the sun.

So you can imagine, my surprise, when on a random February, the temperature went up to 70, and the sunshine came out. You feel exactly like that day. I mean, I rolled the windows down in my car. I blasted music louder than before. I threw on a tank top and let the sun freckle my skin that had seen nothing but Goosebumps for months. I never wanted to go inside that day; I never wanted that day to end.

You give me that feeling. That exact feeling. Of an Indian summer in the middle of a horrible winter. Of a random 70 degree day in the middle of February. Of the sunshine in the middle of the darkest clouds.

You change the weather in my life, I feel like I could sit outside in sub zero freezing wind in Alaska. You’re like an orange and red glowing campfire, except inside my soul. Where I’m always warm and never cold. I feel like I could stand for hours outside in the pouring rain, until I’m completely soaked to my vibes. You’re like my umbrella, protecting me from the raindrops.

I feel like I could literally stand in front of a coming tornado…and in that final moment when the wind and darkness gets just close enough to sweep me up and off my feet…you’re like the sun that comes out at the very last second. And the clouds and wind go away. I’m just left standing facing that beautiful sunshine against a blue sky, feeling it warm my body and face.

And I don’t care about the world ending anymore. Because I waited and waited for that summer in the winter. It was unexpected. Impossible. And yet…my windows stayed open all through the night. As long as I have you, my summer, I feel like I can face anything.