Find Your Sense Of Being And You Will Find Your Inspired Life


Do you think of desert while eating dinner?

Can you imagine relaxing in the bath while working out?

Have you imagined lying on a hot beach while stuck at work?

What we think is rarely what we do, and a thought is weightless without the application of action.

Living positively doesn’t eradicate negative thoughts, it just allows you the tools to understand when to apply action. Thoughts require consolidation to stay alive within our minds. By giving focus to what you want to disappear, you instead give growth.

To focus on the energy of your being, you lift yourself higher than the life you live, you lift yourself higher than your physical self. Your being is the core of your existence. Once you choose to emit only positive vibrations, you don’t dispel the negative, you simply don’t give it recognition in your life.

What you think doesn’t have to be emulated in how you act, and it’s through action you find living.

Inspired living doesn’t materialize from a focus on what we want to remove, nor is it achieved through trying to change what you think. Living is happening, it’s in the moment, it’s in the minute.

Living is an action.

Find your truth and what is it you truly want to attract to your life. How does it feel? What does it look like? Picture it. Every last little detail. Now feel it. Let it reverberate around your body, feel it pumping through your veins. Allow it to create a vibration, a personalized soundtrack of your life.

This is your sense of being.

The next time you have a thought that falls below the favor of your new mindset, don’t try and challenge it or reason with it. Instead, ignore it. Don’t feed it with focus.

Find your sense of being and you will find your inspired life.