Finding The Beauty In Heartbreak


When you’re deep in the midst of heartbreak, chances are that you feel pain somewhere in your body, probably in your chest or your stomach.It’s as if the heart’s accelerator and brakes are pushed simultaneously and those conflicting actions crash and create the sensation of heartbreak.

But I’m here to tell you this: You are so worthy of more. You are so deserving of being loved. Of being chased. Of being wanted. I hope you find someone that doesn’t only worry about satisfying their own curiosity but someone who will keep chasing those butterflies that flutter inside YOU.

When all you feel like doing is giving up, please don’t. Don’t escape; don’t leave your heart. I know perhaps that’s all you feel like doing, but there is real beauty in heartbreak, you just have to find it. You can’t leave, because sweet girl, the world needs you. It really needs your heart, and it surely needs your love, your smile, your kindness, your sincerity. The world needs your energy. Your radiance.

As of now, nothing seems to make sense. Nothing at all, I know. But it eventually will. Why? Because nothing in life is permanent and the pain is only a temporary one.

Just forgive yourself for the love you have given. That pure, intense, wholesome kind of love. The kind of love that was overlooked through every innocent action—every touch, every gesture, every word. The soft kind of love that most people sought after. The love that tasted so gentle, and although it was often unnoticed, I’m here to tell you this: Be proud. Be proud of yourself for ever-so-sweetly loving someone the way you did. For being so genuine, for believing in the good, and for allowing your vulnerability out into the world. Be proud that you actually embody a heart bigger than your whole body itself.

Remember that this feeling you’re currently experiencing is only temporary, and that’s the best part about it all—there is still hope. The hope to find love again. The hope to truly be loved. To feel welcomed, to feel wanted. But please be mindful, because that love will only arrive when the timing is RIGHT. No matter how much we think we are ready for certain things, they might not be ready for us. Beautiful things form and grow through time, we just have to be patient. I promise you there will come a point in time where you won’t be sobbing in that small corner of your very own room. You won’t feel isolated. You won’t feel alone. You won’t cry in your car every time you hear a love song. You will be able to easily drive through your neighborhood, reminiscing on all the beautiful moments you once shared together. You’ll remember what it feels like to experience overflowing joy and excitement, but this time through real love.

I can’t tell you how far out you’ll be healed, but I can certainly assure that you will be and you will feel whole again. You just have to keep fighting until you get there. Along the drive, you will have to acknowledge and experience every bit of admirable scenery that comes your way—the opportunities, the happy moments, the good, the bad, the ugly, the amount of life there is to witness. Just keep driving. I promise you will make it to your destination safely.

Until you get there, be gentle with yourself. Show yourself the grace, the kindness, the compassion you’ve deserved all along. Allow your soul to rest. Dig deep within. Breathe. Accept help from outstretched hands. Be proud of every step forward you take, no matter how big or small it is. Know that there are people in this world who care about you and want to see you overcome this little battle you’re fighting. You are loved, you are radiant, and you are oh-so-strong. Just because it never worked out in your favor doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy of more. God is working for you, I promise.

Just remember: It’s never the end until the GOOD has arrived.