Finding The Perfect Pair Of Shoes Is Like Finding The Perfect Man


Finding the perfect pair of shoes can sometimes be like finding the perfect guy. It could be a long and grueling process with a lot of second guessing and the occasional return. Other times, your gut instinct is right and you’ve found yourself a keeper first try. Either way, it’s a learning experience and it will open your eyes as to what you should look for next time. In case you get overwhelmed by the vast selection, I’ve compiled this little list to help you sort through the styles.

1. Stilettos = The Pretty Boy

You keep them around because they’re beautiful. The crème de la crop. The Holy Grail. But are they really worth the agonizing pain? There’s only so much pain a girl can put up with before she decides to toss them to the curb (literally). You get compliments whenever you take them out and they are really quite exquisite to look at, but underneath all that jazz there really isn’t much substance. Sure, you look great, but the ice baths you’ll have to take to recover from this one almost aren’t worth it.

2. Ankle Boots = Laid Back Dude

Your go to. They’ll pretty much go with anything. Casual movie date? Sure. Fancy dinner date? Absolutely. You can rely on your ankle booties to get you through your day. They’re always right there when you need them. Stylish and comfortable, what more can a girl ask for? There will be rare occasions when you’ll find some that are defected. You think they’re super comfortable and reliable but then you take them out a couple times and realize you’ve been deceived. Not even Band-Aids could fix that mess.

3. Sneakers = Gym Enthusiast

Style and comfort just don’t go hand in hand with these ones. Yes, they’re comfortable, but they’re only good for one thing: exercise. You can’t do much else with them. You definitely can’t take them out in public, or anywhere fancy for that matter. They only belong in the gym, and that’s where they’ll stay until you muster up the energy to try them on again.

4. Crocs = The Regret

You try to forget these ones, but everyone makes mistakes once in a while. Maybe you were going through a phase, or maybe it was a low point. Whichever it may be, these are the ones you want removed from your memory and the photo evidence destroyed. Of course, your friends will never let you live this one down and will always share every humiliating detail at all social gatherings for the next 20 years.

5. Ballerina Flats = Mr. Right

These are it. You’ve found the one. No more shopping is needed. A perfect match, everything you were looking for and more. Stylish, comfortable, dependable, reliable. These ones will go with anything and everything. When you’re having a bad day, you know you can look at them and you day is instantly brightened. You don’t know where you’d be in life if you didn’t have them. It’s pure unadulterated love.

You have to find the right balance between style and comfort. You’ll try them on for size and then quickly realize they’re just not the correct fit. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes you much longer to realize that. You’ve gone way past the return date and they’re a bit trickier to get rid of. But, eventually your favorite will become old and worn out and you won’t care because you love them no matter what.

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