First, Middle, Or Last-Born: This Is What Your Birth Order Says About Your Sex Life


We all have certain preconceptions when it comes to our birth order. The baby of the family is supposed to be spoiled, and the middle child is starved for attention.

Everybody is different, and surely some of these notions are stereotypes or exaggerations, but there’s at least some evidence that the order you were born affects your personality.

And like the predictable humans we are, we just want to know what that means for our sex life. Besides pure curiosity, knowing your innate strengths and weaknesses is important.

You have to know all your cards to play them properly. Here’s what yours say:

1. Firstborn child

According to, firstborn children are likely to be cautious, controlling achievers. They’re reliable and conscientious, too.

How does that translate to the bedroom? It means you’re the sort of person that gets exactly what you want. You’re not going HAM and diving into one-night stands left and right. You identify who you want, you go after them, and you get them … on your terms.

You’re not afraid to let him know what you need in your sex life, and you’re more likely to be the aggressor and pursuer in any given situation. It makes me wonder how many cougars were firstborn children.

2. Middle child

Middle children are social butterflies with a little rebellious streak, although they tend to be the peacekeepers that keep their groups together.

When it comes to sex, this makes you a giver. You’re a people-pleaser at heart, and knocking boots is no exception. You get off on your partner getting off, and you’ll do anything to blow their mind between the sheets.

In some ways, you’re the ultimate partner. You won’t rest until the object of your affection has achieved satisfaction. Your inner rebel does mean you need to flip the script every once in a while to keep things fresh, but you’re always focused on pleasing your partner.

3. Last-born child

As a fun-loving, self-centered attention seeker, a lastborn is all about fulfilling their sexual appetite. You’re insatiable and are prone to multiple ongoing flings just to keep yourself satisfied. You want your partner to have fun, too, but it’s not your number one priority.

You’re seen as fun and exciting in bed and full of passion. No sexual partner of yours will ever be bored, that’s for sure.