Five “Bad Habits” I’ve Embraced


We live in a world saturated with self-improvement articles and lists. Despite my best efforts to follow everyone’s unsolicited advice about how I can improve my street smarts, book smarts, attitude, efficiency, wardrobe, eating habits, yoga postures, and conversation skills, I’ve held onto a few vices. I’m not a pathological liar. I don’t text while driving. I try to take the metro to work instead of my car. (This is a big deal in LA.) I floss. I cut up those plastic rings from soda cans to protect the dolphins. But I digress. Here is a list of things I could change, should change, but probably won’t change:

1) Hitting the snooze button

Sure, I’ve seen all the articles promising more energy, alertness, and maybe even a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow of my day if I pop out of bed as the first chime rings. It all sounds great when I’m about to doze off, 100% committed to the integrity of my 6:45 wake-up call. Yet despite my best efforts, the doldrums of early morning combined with sleep-clouded judgment keep me begging my alarm for another 15 minutes…usually about four times in a row. Regardless, I still manage to get up, get dressed, and make it to work on time, so cut a sister some slack, m’kay?

2) Overpaying for coffee

Not like every day, but if it’s going to be a long day…or it’s Friday…or Monday. Sometimes I just want to hand over my $3, turn the other cheek, and enjoy my venti house blend with steamed soy and sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup (two pumps, please). We have coffee at my office but once in a while (or sometimes 3+ times a week), I just want a treat.

3) Drinking Diet Dr. Pepper

I know. I know. Please don’t look at me like that. Or do. I actually don’t care because sometimes drinking this just feels awesome and I’m going to recycle the can anyway. Jeez.

4) Breaking plans because I’m “not feeling well”

In all honesty I never had any intention of going to that dinner/happy hour/electro-reggae warehouse rave even though I was all about it yesterday. Friday nights were made for no pants, lots of snacks, Netflix, and reading lists such as this one. Plus I’m going to feel like a champion in the morning. Maybe I’ll go for a hike or yoga or a yoga hike. Maybe I’ll finally get rid of the six giant boxes in my trunk from when I moved six months ago. Maybe I’ll just read some more lists. Either way my mind is made up that I’ll be in bed by 9PM.

5) Eating my whole meal in one sitting

I was in a cab the other day and a PSA came on about healthy eating habits. One of the protips I learned was to ask for a take-out container as soon as my food arrives so I can box up half of it and save it for later. It’s smart and economical and something I will never do. I understand that portion sizes at restaurants are two to three times what I should be eating in one sitting and will happily sign a waiver before my meal if it comes to this. In the meantime I plan on eating everything on my plate and whatever is left on yours…especially if you leave a French fry unattended. Seriously, though—just let me live.