Five In The Morning Is For Us


On those days you decide to greet the sun instead of your pillow, do you ever really know why? No deadlines, no anxiety attacks, just one thing leads to another and suddenly you’re kissing the rays as they peer through your closed blinds. You fling open the window, breath in the crisp air, as the birds sing of your newfound love. Just the lightest touch sends your heart aflutter, and you want to touch back. You want a life like this, still and alive, grateful for your appreciation. Something about stepping out into this new world gives you inspiration, motivation to be yourself, but better. Five in the morning, after we fall back, is full of the promise of greatness.

What do you do when you wake up? Phone. What do you do when you don’t sleep? Get up. Isn’t it lovely? It’s calling, and you need to follow it.

Five in the morning reminds you why we’re here, that we’re humans on a tiny ball hurtling through space. Five in the morning lets the whirring mind of a writer come to a halt. Five in the morning is the life we all want to live, and it holds that hope, somewhere in the wandering rays. Come with me to five in the morning, let’s think on who we are and what we mean, let’s run in circles wondering in the woods, and let the sun answer all our questions when she’s good and ready. The way Christmas music makes you feel? That’s the sun, every day it decides to grace us.

Why don’t we get up with the sun? I missed her last night and couldn’t wait to see her again, and when I cried she came sooner. She decided I needed her today. She shushed my blubbering words, explaining my jumbled future plans, my parental disapproval, my broken heart. She reminded me that each day is a new one. It’s not ready to be seized, or taken, but directed. There’s no force at five in the morning, just a gentle nudge. A clock telling you there’s time. For once there’s time.

What if five in the morning fails us? Don’t be upset, for rain brings the same. Sans sun, rainy days still bring hope in the world. In California they call it crop. I call it an excuse for more coffee. It’s an excuse to sit still, a reason to stay put today. Stop moving, stop worrying, stop running. Five in the morning will bring you peace, and the soundtrack of the rain is never tedious. The pitter patter changes beat all too often, and if you close your eyes, your mind quiets and absorbs the music. Let five in the morning change you, let it grow through you, let your mind fall in sync with five in the morning. I have a theory it was put there to bring us back to basics. Our roots. Five in the morning, I think, was made for us.

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