Five Years Ago, This Woman Lost Her Wedding Ring And You’ll Never Guess Where It Was


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Five years ago, Lois Matykowski of Minnesota lost her precious wedding ring.

Little did she know that her ring was around her all the time.

The family food burglar, Tucker the dog, proved his nickname when he ate Matykowski’s popsicle when she was out with her granddaughter in the backyard of her home.

But the popsicle didn’t sit well with him because Tucker began throwing it up over the course of two days.

On the second day, Tucker threw up something completely unexpected. It was something Matykowski had been looking for over five years.

It was her wedding ring.

“I have my wedding ring back and Tucker is big dog on campus right now,” Matykowski said. “He’s my hero.”

Although the carpet may have been ruined, Matykowski is just happy that she found her wedding ring.

h/t Yahoo! News